Rubberguard 360 Pipe Penetration Sleeve


Cemix Safeguard 360° Pipe Penetration Sleeve ensures the most critical areas are protected so the waterproofing application is successful, surviving the test of time. The Cemix Safeguard 360° Pipe Penetration Sleeve enhances the seal around penetrations such as pipes, drainage outlets, cabling and any surface fixtures by protecting against movement, vibration and cracking. The Cemix Safeguard 360° Pipe Penetration Sleeve provides a permanent tight rubber seal against water ingress enabling penetrations to withstand a variety of movement conditions without compromising the membrane seal.

Typical Application & Uses:

  • Wet Areas, showers & laundries
  • Roofs, decks, balconies, podiums
  • Planter boxes, garden beds
  • Ponds, tanks, water features
  • Waterproofing pipes and penetrations wherever Cemix membranes are to be applied
  • Suitable for pipe / penetration diameters of 1mm – 80mm


Ensures a seamless elastic seal around pipes and penetrations

Bridges gap between penetration and surface

Fast effective application

Enables 100% elastic recovery when exposed to movement

High strength and excellent tear resistance

Long term sealing protection at volatile areas

Compatible with all Cemix membranes

Substrate Preparation:

Ensure the surface is clean, free of dust, loose foreign matter and debris. Surfaces must be free of oil, wax or grease residues. Wiping over with alcohol based cleaner is recommended so optimum adhesion can be achieved. If applying over dusty concrete, masonry surfaces, prime first with Cemix® primer to stabilise surface.


Prime the wall and pipe with the appropriate Cemix® primer.

Porous substrate: (Typically the wall) use Cemix® Tile Bond Latex

Non-Porous Substrate: (Typically the pipe) use Cemix® Super Primer.

Identify the width of the penetration and match to pre-drawn circles on the bandage. Cut a hole in the bandage to one circle width less than the pipe diameter to ensure a tight fit over the pipe and producing a funnel shape when embedded onto the wall. Apply waterproofing membrane (Cemix® Rubberguard) to the wall and pipe (over the primer) and fit the tape into place. Cover with another layer of Cemix® Rubberguard.

Technical Data:

Appearance – Polymer fabric with rubber bond breaker insert.

Application Temp – 5 – 30oC

The data shown above reflects typical results based on laboratory testing under controlled conditions. Reasonable variations may occur on site.


Cemix® Safeguard 360o Pipe Penetration Bandage needs to be stored in a cool dry place.


Clean all tools with water & brush immediately after use.