Rubberguard 180 Peel and Seal Tape


Cemix Safeguard 180 Peel and Seal Tape is a multi-purpose self adhesive tape designed for flashing and sealing a variety of surfaces. The outstanding adhesion and waterproof properties enables high quality sealing over a range of non-porous surfaces. Suitable for use over internal and external surfaces, Cemix Safeguard 180 Peel and Seal Tape displays a high degree of tear and rupture resistance, withstanding flexing and vibration on many building substrates. Cemix Safeguard 180 Peel and Seal Tape provides an instant seal to the surface it is applied to , avoiding down time for drying or curing. Ideally suited for roofing, flashing and repair applications, Cemix Safeguard 180 Peel and Seal Tape is versatile for numerous applications. Designed to be finished over with Cemix membranes, adhesives, membranes, coatings, mortars and renders.

Typical Applications & Uses:

  • Sealing roof sheet joints
  • Sealing joints between structural floor sheeting on decks and balconies
  • Flashing metal surfaces
  • Patching pin holes on roofing and gutter surfaces
  • Sealing and detailing over plumbing pipes, PVC penetrations etc
  • Waterproofing junctions before tiling
  • Sealing and detailing external lightweight sheeting abutments before rendering & texturing
  • Crack repairs on floors before tiling, screeds and toppings


  • Ease of application
  • No primer required (see substrate preparation)
  • Excellent adhesive properties over metals, plastics, glazed surfaces and dense surfaces
  • Outstanding adhesion retention at low temperatures
  • Instant sealing properties, no drying required
  • Rupture and tear resistant
  • Solvent free and non-toxic
  • Ability to cover over Cemix membranes and adhesives
  • Compatible with cement based finishes. E.g. tile adhesives, renders and texture

Substrate Preparation:

Ensure the surface is clean, free of dust, loose foreign matter and debris. Surfaces must be free of oil, wax or grease residues. Wiping over with alcohol based cleaner is recommended so optimum adhesion can be achieved. If applying over dusty concrete, masonry surfaces, prime first with Cemix® primer to stabilise surface.


Unroll the Cemix® Safeguard 180 Peel and Seal Tape and measure the required length. Cut the tape using scissors or a sharp cutter knife. Place roll over the area to be sealed and while slowly unwinding, remove release paper and position the tacky side directly over the area to be sealed. For best results, remove release paper as the tape is being unrolled and adhered into position. It is not recommended to remove total length of release paper before adhering into position. Press tape into position with a spatula, roller, or cloth, ensuring air pockets and creases are pushed out and removed. Finishes can be applied immediately after the tape is in place. It is recommended to apply one of the Cemix® membranes waterproofing Cemix® Safeguard 180 Peel and Seal Tape directly over the tape surface.


Cemix® Safeguard 180 Peel and Seal Tape is a Butyl Self Adhesive Tape.

Technical Data:

Appearance – Butyl Self Adhesive tape.

Application Temp – 5 – 30oC

Packaging – 5m x 80mm

The data shown above reflects typical results based on laboratory testing under controlled conditions. Reasonable variations may occur on site.


  • Surfaces must be dry, do not apply on damp surfaces.
  • Not to be used as an exposed flashing, must be finished over with a surface coating.
  • Not to be used as a trafficable surface.
  • Not to be used over expansion joints.
  • Concrete with residual moisture must be sealed with Cemix primer before applying tape.
  • When applying over metals, ensure surface is rust free and if required treat rust before applying tape.
  • Do not apply solvent-based surface finishes or adhesives directly over the tape surface.


Cemix® Safeguard 180 Peel and Seal Tape needs to be stored in a cool dry place.


Clean all tools with water & brush immediately after use.


  • Can be painted however paints that cover must be compatible and able to flex with the tape or cracking will occur.