Rubberguard Rocket


Cemix Rubberguard Rocket is a fast drying two-component waterproof membrane that is suitable for a wide range of internal and external waterproofing applications. Based on a unique cross linking polymer technology, Cemix Rubberguard Rocket displays outstanding adhesion properties over numerous building substrates including concrete, masonry, renders, cement sheeting, screeds and plasterboard surfaces. Cemix Rubberguard Rocket offers excellent surface adhesion properties for polymer modified cement based adhesives* * Cemix Rubberflex & Cemix Rocket tile adhesives.

Typical Applications & Uses:

  • Wet areas and shower alcoves
  • Podiums, terraces, balconies and deck areas
  • Swimming pools, fishponds, water tanks
  • Fast drying. Tile within 24 hours *


  • Flexible with good elongation properties
  • Once cured will not re-emulsify, handles permanently wet conditions
  • Outstanding low water vapor transmission properties
  • Excellent adhesion to surfaces
  • Compatible bonding properties for Cemix tile adhesives, screeds and renders
  • Solvent free, nonhazardous, low VOC
  • Suitable for internal or external applications
  • Can take “site traffic”

15kg & 10kg

Substrate Preparation:

Concrete substrates should be sound & primed (Cemix® Rocket Prime or Cemix® Cemlastic) to ensure a good bond. The substrate should be uncoated & clean, free from all contaminants, loose particles, dirt, oil, mould, curing compounds, sealers & paints etc. Vacuuming may be required to prepare the surface depending on substrate condition. Washing with soap & water blasting may also be required if oil is present. Cracks should be repaired with a suitable Cemix® repair product. The better the substrate preparation & condition the better the end result. The concrete substrate should ideally be at least one month old.


As a wet area membrane Cemix® Rubberguard Rocket requires a suitable bond breaker at all substrate junctions. The Cemix® Safeguard detailing tape is recommended to be used. Cemix® Rubberguard Rocket membrane is formed mixing 1kg of part A liquid to 1.5kg of part B powder. An electric stirrer and paddle is recommended to be used to ensure a homogenous state is formed. Mixing should continue until product is consistent and lump free, and then allow product to settle for a few minutes before re-stirring lightly. Product will then be ready to use.


A minimum of two coats is recommended to be applied, at a minimum coverage of 1.5 litres/m2 for general wet area applications. It is recommended that three coats be applied for immersed and subterranean applications at a minimum coverage of 2 litres/m2. The product can be applied by roller, brush or spray unit that can handle high build texture.

Drying Time:

  • Recoat- 1-3 hours
  • Dry film – 5-7 hours
  • Tiling – 24 hours.
  • Immersion 21 days

*Based on normal ambient conditions of 23° C.

Technical Data:

Appearance – liquid = white powder-sandy, mixed = sandy grey

Application Temp – 5oC – 22oC

Yield / Coverage - Approximately 1.5 litres/m2 for general wet area applications.

Packaging – 15kg powder & 10kg pail kits.

Standards: CEMIX Rubberguard conforms to the requirements of AS3740 -2010 and AS / NZS4858 Class 2. BRANZ Appraisal # 778 Internal and #777 External use.

Wet form

Specific gravity of mixed product: 1.25kg/litre

VOC: ≤42ppm

Cured membrane

Elongation: ≥245%

Tensile strength: ≥1.1MPa

Adhesion to concrete (primed): ≥1.7MPa

Water vapor transmission: 0.45g/24h/m2

Shore A hardness: 87

The data shown above reflects typical results based on laboratory testing under controlled conditions. Reasonable variations may occur on site.


  • Cemix® tile adhesives are recommended for direct adhesion to Cemix® Rubberguard membranes.
  • Best storage conditions require a dry area, avoiding humidity and frost.
  • Pot life for the mixed membrane is approximately 60 minutes in normal ambient conditions of ≤23° C.


Clean all tools with water & brush immediately after use.

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