Grout Sealer


Cemix® Grout Sealer is stain resistant water based penetrating clear waterproofing sealer that can be used for impregnating and sealing of the grout that resists water, oil and acid based contaminants. There is little or no impairment of the grout’s ability to breathe and exhibits a good moisture vapour transmission rate. It can be successfully applied on damp grout. The application does not produce any discolouration of the surface. Recommended for use on cementitious sanded and un-sanded porous grout joints. Effective for interior and exterior applications.

Typical Application / Uses:

  • Makes grout easy to clean
  • Makes grout fully waterproof
  • Resists stains and scum build up
  • To be used with tiling and in wet areas.


  • Environmentally friendly green product
  • Makes the substrate water repellant
  • Can be applied on damp or moist surfaces
  • Hybrid Sealer – Penetrates as well as coats
  • Allows the substrate to breath
  • Chemically resistant and non toxic
  • UV Stable – will not go yellow over time
  • Weathering resistant
  • Resistant to dirt pick up
  • Kills and resists micro-organisms
  • Simple application – preferably by roller or spray
  • Non Toxic
  • Fast drying and a clear gloss finish.
  • It is advisable to wear the appropriate safety equipment when spraying this product – goggles, respirator and gloves


Substrate Preparation:

The grout surface should be free of efflorescence, dust, grease, wax, oil, dirt and all other friable materials and contaminants likely to prevent the sealer bonding. Ideally this sealer should be applied on new freshly laid and cured tiled joints. The grout should have cured for a minimum of 48 hours before application of this sealer. Make sure there are no existing stains or marks as these will be visible through this clear finish sealer. Apply using a soft bristle paint brush or sponge paint applicator. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes drying time between coats. Always test apply on an area first to approve the look and feel.


Mildly shake the container before using. It is very easy to apply using the spray bottle. Spray along the grout joints and then wipe excess overspray off the tiles. Typically this would be done after 4 – 5 minutes which allows it time to tack to the grout however it is recommended that a test tile is used to ensure sealer can be completely removed prior to application of a large area. Sealer will penetrate and seal all the fine pores. Can also be applied using an artist’s brush. Should apply 2 coats and should wait for ½ - 1 hour between coats. Each coat should be enough to be soaked into the grout surface – do not over apply to cause ponding and formation of a milky layer. Allow to cure for 24 – 48 hours before any water is applied. To check – put some drops of water on the grout sealed surface and water should bead and not be absorbed by the grout. Do not apply if temperature is below 5oC as it will take extended time to cure and dry.

Technical Data:

Appearance – Milky white liquid, Semi gloss clear finish.

Application Temp – 5°C – 30°C

Yield / Coverage – Varies according to tile and grout joint width from approximately: 10m2 to 20m2 for a 500ml container.

Packaging – 500ml Spray Bottles

Full Cure – 7 days @ 20oC

Recoat Time – after ½ -1 hour between coats

The data shown above reflects typical results based on laboratory testing under controlled conditions. Reasonable variations may occur on site.


Cemix® Grout Sealer Twelve (12) months when stored in unopened, original containers. Storage area should be not exposed to extreme temperatures. Do not expose to direct sunlight in storage.


Clean all tools with water & brush immediately after use.