Cemix Bitupatch is a ready to use, no mixing required Bitumen cold mix asphalt for the repair of potholes in roads, driveways and paths.

Typical Applications:

  • Potholes in asphalt

  • Repairs deteriorating asphalt

  • Speed humps

  • Ramps

  • Water channels


  • Easy to use

  • Ready to use

  • Simple three step application 1. Clean 2. Fill 3. Compact

  • Fast application / early trafficability

  • Can be used in all weather conditions

  • High performance

  • Cost effective

  • Simple and permanent solution

  • Retains excellent workability


Substrate Preparation:

Clean the hole of any loose debris or any loose pieces around the hole.


Clean the hole of any debris and remove any loose pieces around and within the hole. For the best results, create a vertical edge around the hole for the Bitupatch to butt up against - it lengthens the life of the repair)

Fill the hole with Bitupatch (make middle slightly higher than the sides - this is called crowning - depending on the size of the repair give yourself a 5 - 10 crown - this counteracts the subsidence caused by compacting). Bitupatch is ready to use straight from the bag, no mixing required.

Compact (a compactor is recommended for larger holes while driving back and forth over it in a vehicle or timber posts (e.g. 100mm x 100mm) can be used on smaller holes very effectively).

Note: For sealing the pothole around the edges, we recommend you use Cemix® Asphalt Crack Filler to prevent water de-stabilising the sub base.

Technical Data:

  • Appearance – Black Tar
  • Application Temp – 5oC – 30oC
  • Yield / Coverage - One 20kg bag will produce asphalt approximately equivalent to 0.0018m3. (500m x 500mm x 30mm).
  • Packaging - 20kg weather resistant bags.
  • The data shown above reflects typical results based on laboratory testing under controlled conditions. Reasonable variations may occur on site.


Cemix® Bitupatch can be applied between 5oC – 30oC; however, for best performance, compaction and workability, use Cemix® Bitupatch between air temperatures ranging from 21°C to 30°C. A vibratory steel wheel roller will always provide optimum results and performance; however, steel wheel or pneumatic rollers, compactor plates, wheel rolling, and hand tamping are also acceptable methods of compaction.


Clean all tools with water & brush immediately after use.


Sealed bags have a shelf life of twelve (12) months if stored in a cool environment.