Release WB


Cemix® Release WB is a ready to use oil in water emulsion with excellent form release properties. Cemix® Release WB is non-staining and is suitable for concrete containing off-white cement.

Typical Application / Uses:

Cemix® Release WB is specially formulated for the easy removal of formwork once the concrete has set.


  • Easily applied.
  • Easy and efficient stripping of forms.
  • Excellent wetting properties.
  • Non Staining.

4L, 20L & 210L

Substrate Preparation:

Ensure the formwork is clean and free from dust and loose material for optimum results.


Cemix® is an easy ready to use mould release agent. This product can be applied via spraying, brushing or rolling straight from the container.


Thoroughly agitate contents before use.

Technical Data:

Appearance – Milky white fluid


Cemix® Release WB can be stored for Twelve (12) months in original, unopened containers when stored in dry conditions between +5OC and +30OC. Keep containers closed in a well ventilated area when not in use. Do not expose to direct sunlight in storage.


Clean all tools with water & brush immediately after use.


Cemix® Release WB is not to be used in moulds and left outside in the rain. The product will emulsify and wash off the moulds.

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