Plimortar Plasticiser


Cemix® is based on a plasticiser that has been used by contractors for over fifty years in Portland cement based applications. Cemix® Plimortar is a pozzolanic formulation that consists of a combination of hydroxyl aluminium silicates and diatomite. Cemix® Plimortar will extend mortars board life, reduce early stage drying and shrinkage of mortar joints, improve workability, produce water-tight joints and enhance tooling of the mortar joints without sacrificing the mortars compressive strengths. Cemix® Plimortar is a ready to use grey coloured powder.

Typical Application / Uses:

Suitable for use in Portland cements/sand mortars for the bonding of concrete masonry and clay bricks. PLIMORTAR will produce high workability mortars without the use of lime or other admixtures.


Less bulk - Reduction in bulk and weight over previous wet mix plasticisers.

Ease of handling.

Improves adhesion and bond.

Longer board life.

Superior workability.

Excellent hang-ability.

Excellent performance in all types of sands, especially blended sands.

Watertight joints.

Produces a mortar which is smooth, creamy and highly workable.



Cemix® Plimortar is used at the rate of 1kg per 40kg bag of Portland cement. Place in the mixer 2/3 of the water, then all of the Cemix® Plimortar and mix for two minutes. Add 1/4 of the sand and all the cement and mix for two minutes. Add the remaining sand and water. Mix until mortar has the desired workability. Mixing for 6 minutes will produce maximum workability.

Hand Mixing: Measure out sand and cement and thoroughly mix dry. Add the Cemix® Plimortar to at least half the water and mix into a smooth paste and proceed to mix the mortar adding additional water as required. For best results mix for not less then 6 minutes.

Mix Ratio: Sand - 4 buckets, Cement - 1 bucket, Cemix® Plimortar - 1 measure. Water as required.

Technical Data:

Appearance – Grey coloured powder


Clean all tools with water & brush immediately after use.

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