Pre-mixed Grout


Cemix Pre-mixed Grout is a ready mixed, easy to apply grout that is suitable for walls and floors in internal and external situations. Cemix Pre-mixed Grout can be used in tile joints between 1mm - 5mm wide. Cemix Pre-mixed Grout has a non-cracking formulation which contains anti-mould protection. This anti-mould formula will help prevent mould and mildew growth for the life of the grout.

Typical Applications & Uses:

Cemix Pre-mixed grout is generally used for:

• Internal wall and floor grouting

• External wall and floor grouting

• Grouting joints 1 – 5mm wide

• Suitable for most tile types


• Anti-mould formula

• Up to 5mm joints

• Pre-mixed ready to use coloured grout

• Can be used on walls and floors

• Internal and external applications