Timber & Cork Adhesive

CEMIX® TIMBER & CORK ADHESIVE has a quick initial grab and forms a tacky film of adhesive that is strong enough to eliminate any movement in the cork tiles after the installation is completed. This adhesive is suitable for most cork types and contains an anti microbial.


  • Excellent quick adhesion
  • Anti Microbial
  • Low odour & easy to apply
  • Non flammable & Eco-friendly

1Lt, 4Lt.


All surfaces to be bonded shall be dry, smooth, sound, and clean. Subfloors must also be free of wax, grease and rising damp. It is recommended to seal/prime the substrate with Cemix Tile Bond Latex applied directly from the container by a brush.


Cemix's Cork Tile Adhesive is to be applied to one surface with an appropriate V notched trowel. Weather/ temperature dependent wait for approx 5-10min for the adhesive to become tacky before putting the cork tiles onto the adhesive applied stubstrate. Complete the installation according to the floor covering manufacture's instructions.

Do not allow heavy traffic for 24 hours. The adhesive will fully dry in about 48 hours.


Approximately 3-4 square metres per litre depending upon the condition and absorbency of the substrate and the type of applicator used.