Cempoxy Hydro


Cemix® Cempoxy Hydro is a water based two part epoxy hardener coating for waterproofing concrete substrates. It is designed as a non-flexible membrane coating to be used on areas subjected to dampness and water seepage. It has excellent adhesive properties to cementitious substrates such as masonry, concrete and block. It can be applied to dry or damp surfaces.

Typical Application / Uses:

  • As a waterproofing membrane for all masonry, concrete and brick substrates.
  • As a water retaining curing aid (membrane) for concrete suitable for further finishing with decorative or industrial coatings.
  • Interior and exterior concrete walls and floors.
  • Car parks / lift wells.
  • As a primer / tie coat under concrete toppings.
  • Food preparation and processing areas.
  • Hospitals and medical centers.


  • Excellent adhesive properties to cementitious substrates.
  • Good working pot lifetime. Up to 2 hours depending on ambient temperature.
  • Non-flammable low odour water base coating.
  • Simple equivalent 1:1 mix ratio by volume.
  • Clean up in water. No solvent required.
  • Potability. Conforms to AS/NZS4020-1999.

8L &20L packs

Substrate Preparation:


To maximise adhesion it is important that application is to sound clean concrete. Laitence should be removed by acid etching or sweep blasting. Acid etched concrete should be neutralised with dilute ammonia and then thoroughly rinsed with water to remove all water soluble salls which impair adhesion of the coating. Old concrete should be thoroughly cleaned with detergent cleaners. Severe contamination with oil and grease should be removed by steam cleaning. If penetration of the pores has occurred, mechanical cutting back to clean concrete may be required.


1 part A epoxy: 1 part B hardener by volume. Prior to mixing, stir each component ensuring homogenous and uniform. Mix both components with a low speed stirrer at 300rpm for 10 minutes and ensure homogenous and uniform. Always avoid air entrapment during mixing.


Where it is intended, use Cemix® Cempoxy Hydro as a water retaining aid to assist the curing of concrete under optimum conditions it may be applied to new concrete as soon as the latter has hardened. Otherwise the general recommendations for the preparation of concrete surfaces for overcoating should be adhered to. Cemix® Cempoxy Hydro may be applied as supplied to produce a wear resistant matt coating. However addition of 10% water will assist spraying and penetration. Apply one coat for dust sealing, two coats for waterproofing, two to three coats for wear and soil resistant industrial flooring. For cement modifications still larger amounts of water may be added. It may be further overcoated when the touch-dry stage is reached. Cured at room temperature Cemix® Cempoxy Hydro will be ready to accept foot traffic next day. For heavy traffic, as for instance fork lifts trucks, it is advisable to wait a few days. Cemix® Cempoxy Hydro has been formulated to show optimum curing and application characteristics in the temperature range from 15 - 25°C. At lower temperature the rate of cure will slow down considerably and at higher temperatures the working life of the mixed composition may become too short for manual application. As with all water-based coatings it is inadvisable to use Cemix® Cempoxy Hydro under conditions of low temperature and high humidity.

Technical Data:

Appearance - Grey

Application Temp – 10oC - 35oC

Yield / Coverage - 1.6 - 2 m2/L as a waterproofing membrane. This is typically achieved in two coats. Coverage will depend on the profile and porosity of the surface. Allow at least 4 hours between coats. 10% water may be added to the first coat to aid in spraying and penetration. As a green slab moisture barrier, apply a single coat at a rate of 3.0 – 3.5m2/L and allow to dry, prior to laying of toppings.

Mix Ratio – 1:1 by volume/weight.

Pot Life – Approx. 120 minutes.

Touch Dry – 6 hours.

Hard Cure – Overnight 20oC.

Complete Cure – 28 days @ 20oC.

The data shown above reflects typical results based on laboratory testing under controlled conditions. Reasonable variations may occur on site.


  • Do not allow condensation to form on film of 20 hydro coat while drying / curing.
  • Do not use outside, if rain is expected in the next 12 - 24 hours.
  • Adequate ventilation is required to remove moisture vapour form film and to allow odour (epoxy) to dissipate.
  • Do not use mixed product beyond its pot life of approx. two hours after mixing.
  • If using solvent based adhesive, or other solvent based products over 20 hydrocoat; allow at least 72 hours to cure prior.


One (1) year in original unopened containers. Do not store opened containers.


Do not apply product onto surfaces less than 10ºC or more than 35 ºC. Do not use product in temperatures less than 10ºC or more than 35 ºC. Do not use water based adhesives on top of Cemix® Cempoxy Hydro Grey below non-permeable floor coverings.

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