Grout Haze Remover

GROUT HAZE REMOVER is a non acid alternative to remove haze from the tiling after grouting. Using this product will clean all the dried spots and even hard water deposits. It is a biodegradable liquid that is non corrosive to skin but acts on the haze. The result is a nice and clean floor that you have worked for. It contains no acid and will not harm painted surfaces, tools, metal surfaces, plastic surfaces, or any type of plants or vegetation. It is easily neutralized and diluted with water. It is fast acting but not instantaneous, so correct application of the liquid to the material is the key to success.

NOTE: Pre mixed solution, Acidic in the way a lemon or orange is but dose not contain any acid.


Grout Haze Cleaner can be used for cleaning of flooring tiles, after grouting is done. This solutions gives a neat and clean look to your tiled floor. Scrub the surface with a nylon bristled brush or a thick sponge, after applying the solution. Work in small areas only, flush with water immediately after brushing surface.


  • Acidic in the way a lemon or orange is, but does not contain any acid.
  • 100% Biodegradable.
  • Removed dried haze.
  • Safe for use on coloured grouts.
  • Removes hard water deposits & efflorescence.
  • Water neutraliased.

500 ml


  • APPEARANCE: Green Colour
  • DENSITY @ 20OC: 1.07Kg/L
  • ODOUR: Slight Vinegar odour


Grout Haze Cleaner can be stored for Twelve (12) months in original, unopened containers when stored in dry conditions between +5OC and +30OC. Keep containers closed in a well ventilated area when not in use. Do not expose to direct sunlight in storage.


Prolonged exposure to paint or tiles may result in surface damage. Always ensure a test area is carried out before doing the entire surface.


Avoid repeated and prolonged skin contact. Wear safety glasses to minimize the risk of splashes getting into the eyes. Wear plastic or rubber gloves if there is a risk of prolonged or repeated skin contact. Natural ventilation should be adequate under normal conditions of use.


Irrigate eyes & skin with plenty of water & seek medical advice immediately. If ingested, rinse mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting.


Keep out of sewers & storm water drains & dispose of any leftover material as trade waste in accordance with local authority guidelines.

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