Cemix Multibond is a high performance latex bonding agent for bonding of a variety of products such as concrete, toppings, screeds, pavers, mortars and plasters. It can also be used with stone, tiles, slate etc. It is used as a multi-purpose bonding primer and admixture where high performance & durability are required. It can be spray applied for larger volume applications.
Typical Applications & Uses:
• Concrete to concrete bonding
• Topping & screed to concrete bonding
• Paver, stone, tiles & slate to concrete bonding
• Mortar to concrete, masonry, stone and fibre cement bonding
• Plaster to concrete, masonry, stone and fibre cement bonding
• Grout to concrete, paving and tile bonding
• Ready to use direct from container
• High bond strength
• Can be used as a primer & admixture
• Exterior & interior use
• Water resistant
• Water based
• Low toxicity
• Can be sprayed applied for large projects

1L, 2.5L, 5L, 20L & 210L

Substrate Preparation:

Substrates should be sound & rough to ensure a good bond. They should be uncoated & clean, free from all contaminants, loose particles, dirt, oil, mould, curing compounds, sealers & paints etc. Acid washing, rough honing or scabbling & then water blasting is required to prepare concrete surfaces depending on substrate condition. Washing with soap & water blasting may also be required if oil is present. The better the substrate preparation & condition the better the end result.


Admixture: Replace 25% - 50% of the mixing water with Cemix® Multibond.

Slurry: Mix 1.5 - 2 parts of cement with 1 part of Cemix® Multibond.


Primer: Dampen each substrate avoiding ponding & then thoroughly prime the entire surface with Cemix MULTIBOND brushed or sprayed undiluted into the surface. Firmly apply the mortar or concrete into the surface to obtain a wet bond, while the MULTIBOND is still wet. Do not let the MULTIBOND dry.

Technical Data:

Appearance – Milky White

Application Temp –5oC – 30oC

SG: 1.01

Yield / Coverage - Approximately 2.5 - 5m2/L depending on surface texture & porosity..


It is important to agitate this product well before use.


Cemix® Multibond has a shelf life of 12 months minimum when unopened in original containers.


Clean all tools with water & brush immediately after use.


As a primer, do not let the Multibond dry which will occur in approximately 20 minutes at 20ºC.