Sterilised Playsand


Cemix Sterilised Play Sand is a scientific formulation of graded sand which has had all organic matter removed and Sterilised to prevent infection and provide a clean healthy play area. Cemix Sterilised Play Sand is supplied dry.

Typical Applications & Uses:

School and kindergarten play pit areas

Hospital play areas

Home play areas

Commercial businesses wanting sterilised sand


Provides a clean and healthy play area for children

All organic contaminants are removed to prevent infection



Excavate the area required and border the area with edging. Thoroughly empty and clean the pit of any existing sand or soil. For excellent results you can lay weed mat, which will prevent any weeds or foreign bodies getting into area but will still allow drainage. Fill area to just below border and throw in the toys! Keep the sand pit covered when not in use. Change the sand at least every four months.


Cemix® Sterilised Play Sand consists of a uniformly blended, properly proportioned mixture of sands which have been sterilised at 400ºC. All organic matter has been removed. Fine sands are removed to prevent it dissipating in the area or getting blown into children’s eyes.

Technical Data:

Appearance – Sand.

Yield / Coverage – 1 x 18kg bag is approximately .0146m3 (68 bags per m3).

Packaging – 18kg

Sand heated to 400ºC for sterilization.

The data shown above reflects typical results based on laboratory testing under controlled conditions. Reasonable variations may occur on site.


Store Cemix® Sterilised Sand in a cool dry area and use within 6 months.