Revolutionary Concrete Dissolver Launched

CEMIX is a tried and trusted brand and has been manufacturing innovative construction products in New Zealand for over 25 years. Today CEMIX is NZ's leading premixed concrete and mortar manufacturer having the widest range of bagged concrete products available nationwide . In line with CEMIX's commitment to be leaders in innovation and quality, we have pioneered the launch of a non acid 100% biodegradable concrete dissolver to remove hardened concrete from tools, mixers, vehicles, joinery etc.

This non corrosive and non toxic product can be safely touched and will not burn your clothes or affect painted surfaces. Once you spay this product on hardened concrete it immediately starts reacting and converts the concrete to a " mushy paste" which you can easily rinse away. Thick layers of concrete will need repeated applications.

CEMIX concrete dissolver is thus a non acid alternative as it does not contain corrosive sulfuric, muriatic, hydrochloric or phosphoric acids. It has no fumes and is 100% BIODEGRADABLE and non toxic.  It can be used to remove cured (hardened) cement, concrete, mortar, grout and any product containing cement. It is especially useful to dissolve hardened concrete on painted surfaces, Ready-Mix Trucks, Vehicles, Forms, Moulds, joinery, bricks, wheel barrows, Pumps, Trowels, Screeds, Concrete Saws, Slip-Form Pavers, Augers, and any place cement can come into contact with.

This product is also an environmentally responsibile alternative to acid etch concrete floors prior to coatings, as the current method of using corrosive hydrocloric acid is immensely harmful to our environment when it is rinsed down our storm waters and sewers thus reaching our waterways and causing irrepairable damage to our eco system.

The market acceptance of this product has been very encouraging and is available nationwide via all major retailers in handy 500ml spray bottles, 5litres and 20 Litre trade packs.

We have also made available a handy url to get more info on this product

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