Precisely formulated drymix products available soon - Tenders Gazette

A fully-automated plant producing precisely formulated drymix cement-based products is scheduled to start production in Onehunga/Penrose in the first week in October.

Cemix Limited’s project manager Bhav Dhillon comments: “The market is showing keen interest in our products and we are having very positive feedback from major national distributors.”

When completed, the plant will have the capacity to produce between 15 to 20 tonnes of finished bagged products per hour or 48,000 tonnes per annum on one shift.

Bhav Dhillon added that future legislation will tighten up on quality control of drymix products and Cemix’s new plant will offer consistency and low cost products, enhanced product performance and, eventually a wider range of products, although they will initially supply dry concrete, quicksetting concrete, moartar mix and mason mix.

He says: “All mechanical installations in the 33 metre high tower are now complete, work on the sand pre-handling and drying area is continuing, the warehouse is about to receive its new roof, and the new offices and lab are now being furnished and updated.

“Initial testing of products in our lab (which is one of the best equipped of its kind in New Zealand) is now complete and we are getting better than expected results on product quality and performance.”

All raw materials coming into the plant are tested prior to mix and afterwards for quality under a sampling regime to a degree of sophistication not yet available in Australia for the USA. Batch samples are retained for verification.

Further information is available from Cemix Drimix, 15 Alfred St, Onehunga, Fax 09-636-8002, Website, Email

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