New Product - Concrete Resurfacer

August 10 : CEMIX concrete resurfacer is a pioneering product of CEMIX's Research & Development - and the company has yet again established its market leadership position by launching this innovative product in the NZ Market. The product which comes as a powder has to be mixed to a slurry consistency before being poured over properly cleaned and prepared concrete.

This slurry is then moved around using a steel squeege thus providing a thin coating over old damaged and spalled concrete.Acheives 30 MPA in 28 days - but can be walked over in 2-3 hours and can be trafficed over in 8 hours if ambient temperature is over 15 deg C.

Thus, the CONCRETE RESURFACER is a high performance concrete resurfacing product for aged or spoiled concrete. It serves to resurface good quality concrete where the surface is aged, stained, cracked or worn away. Its use serves to prevent the removal & replacement of good quality concrete. It is applied with a steel squeegee & then immediately finished as required. Broom, steel trowel or steel squeegee finishes are common.
The most typical applications of this products are Resurfacing of aged concrete, Resurfacing of surface spoiled concrete, Resurfacing of cracked concrete, garage floor resurfacing, Residential driveways, Patios,  Footpaths, Shops, Restaurants & Cafes, Hospitals, Schools etc.

This product comes in 20Kg multiwall paper bags and covers approximately 1m2 per 2kg’s of product for 2 coats. A rough substrate surface texture will use more product.

More info can be had by clicking here and by watching a step by step DIY video tutorial of how to use this product.

This product is available nation wide fron Bunnings. Please click here to find your nearest Bunnings store.

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