Envirocrete - An environmentally responsible concrete launched

Auckland construction products manufacturer Cemix has launched a revolutionary new product – blended concrete mix that contains 50% recycled materials without compromising performance.

The bagged product, called Envirocrete, is a first for New Zealand and was launched in Auckland last week. The development of the product is an attempt to reduce the huge volume of 163,000 tonnes of concrete dumped in New Zealand landfills each year.

According to recent Auckland City Council statistics, building and construction waste makes up 17% of the 3.2 million tonnes of refuse dumped in New Zealand landfills annually.

Speaking at the launch of the product, Minister for the Environment Nick Smith was all praises for the environmentally sound business innvoation and said, "At a time of recession the good practice of recycling from waste product can change the culture of business. I'm really happy to say that this will have less environmental impact and reduce the green house emission.

“This is a very smart green product. Even the steel will be recycled. Realising the world is changing and as culture changes we as a country can lift our game by marrying together successful business with a sustainable product."

Cemix managing director Bhav Dhillon said Envirocrete is a sustainable alternative to natural aggregates, which means that consumption of non-renewable sources such as riverbeds and quarries can be reduced considerably. For every 1000 tonnes of Envirocrete, 500 tonnes of recycled product is consumed. Less quarrying conserves non-renewable natural aggregate resources.

“As Kiwis we’re renowned for our DIY attitude and clean, green reputation but even the simplest home and garden makeovers can lead to environmental waste and increased pressure on our landfills,” Mr Dhillon told the media.

“Now you can cut your carbon footprint while realising your renovation skills. Any community that opts for this product is reducing their environmental footprint by reducing landfill volume and preserving non-renewable virgin aggregate.”

For every 1000 tonnes of Envirocrete produced there is a reduction on landfill volume by 500 tonnes and a further 500 tonne reduction on depletion of virgin natural non-renewable aggregate resource by the same amount, Mr Dhillon said.

Made from materials including recycled concrete, fly ash (a post industrial by-product) and cement, Envirocrete provides comprehensive strength properties making it ideal for pathways, steps, patios, fence posts and all other general purpose concreting applications.

Bunnings Warehouse Marketing Manager Peter Darbyshire says that the hardware chain was impressed with the product from the outset, choosing to stock Envirocrete in stores throughout the country.

“Bunnings is committed to sustainability and we look to promote environmentally-friendly products and projects that support sustainable living where possible,” he says.

“Envirocrete fits the increased demand from our customers for sustainable products and we are delighted to be partnering with Cemix in the launch of Envirocrete to all Bunnings customers throughout the country.”
Cemix Envirocrete is available from Bunnings Warehouse and other hardware stores nationwide.

[ Excerpts from the  report in the Aucklander - NZ Herald ]

( Photo : Minister Smith speaking at the launch)

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