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Cemix is a New Zealand-based company that supplies concrete additives, waterproofing, floor levelling and floor finishes to the concrete, construction and hardware industries.

The company has embarked on an ambitious project to set up a fully automated dry bagged cement products plant, targeting the DIY and commercial segments of the market.

With the availability of these specialised products, New Zealand’s building industry is poised to be on par with that of Europe.
The plant is the first one to be developed in Oceania, and incorporates cutting edge technology from Finland, Holland, Norway, Japan, Australia and the United States.

Standing 33 metres high, it will be a definitive landmark on the skyline of Onehunga in Auckland.

The plant will have the capacity to produce between 15 to 20 tonnes an hour of finished and bagged cement products.

One of its features is the handling of dry powder material without the use of screw conveyors or air slides, thus doing away with the moving parts that can cause maintenance and breakdown delays.

The plant incorporates patented fluidisation technology from Finland, which allows powders (sand and cement) to flow like liquid. This allows the use of double flap butterfly valves for accurate and high speed dosing.

This highly flexible plant requires little or no cleaning when shifting from the production of one product to the other. It has the unparalleled capability to produce products with up to 15 different ingredients.

The production process in this environmentally-friendly plant is totally sealed, using top of the line de-dusting units to capture fugitive dust if any.
Cemix also takes pride in the fact that a state-of-the-art sand drying system is being installed, comprising a fluid bed dryer/cooler that re-circulates hot air to save on energy costs.

The plant bagging line is also fully automated with auto valve bag placers to be stretch wrapped with a top sheet applied to make the product weatherproof, thereby increasing its shelf life.

The entire operation of this high-tech facility will be controlled by a PLC-based system, thereby ensuring accuracy and consistency in finished products.
Cemix managing director Geoffrey Clark is a walking mine of information on cement admixtures and related specialised product formulation.

All finished products will be formulated and batch tested in the laboratory, using the latest technology under his direct supervision and guidance, thus ensuring exceptionally high levels of finished product quality.

The plant plans to be in commercial production by the end of August or early September 2004.
For further information contact project manager Bhav Dhillon at bhav.dhillon@cemix.co.nz.

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