New Range of Eco Friendly Sealers

NZHWJ April 2009 : CEMIX launches a range of “ ECOFRIENDLY WATERBASED SEALERS” for effectively sealing concrete, paving, bricks and blocks.

CEMIX leads the market by launching its range of UV stable non toxic eco friendly water based sealers with ease of application using standard garden sprayers.

CEMIX PAVSEAL  is a stain resistant water based penetrating clear waterproofing sealer. It is based on silane modified nano particle  size, self-cross linking  hybrid technology and can be effectively used for impregnating and sealing a variety of pavers, concrete surfaces and clay roof tiles. It has outstanding adhesion, penetrating and sealing properties on various substrates because of the Nano dense self-cross linking particles.

CEMIX BRICK & BLOCK SEALER  is UV stable water repellent non flammable water based penetrating repellant treatment that will protect concrete and masonry from water and chloride intrusion while still permitting water vapour transmission.

CEMIX Ornamental Sealer  is a userfriendly easy to apply spray pack sealer for all garden ornaments, pots, bird baths and other porous products. This is non toxic and non yellowing.

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