Cemix launches new Bituproof Plus pack size

Cemix is proud to be a customer centric organisation and thus listens and responds to the needs of its valuied customers.

We realised that every other poduct had a 10L size but Bituproof Plus only had a 4L and then a 20L. To make it easy for our customers, we laucnhed this very user friendly size of 10L. The market response to this has been awesome as it ticks the boxes of a smaller size as well as a different price point.

Cemix Bituproof Plus is a specifically formulated stable flexible bituminous emulsion for sealing and waterproofing concrete and concrete block walls below and above ground. It is equally suited for waterproofing and dampproofing applications on practically any type of surface, vertical or horizontal. Brown/black in colour Bituproof Plus dries to a black flexible coating which is non-toxic. Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray • Can be applied to either damp or dry surfaces • Does not run or creep under heat or slump on vertical surfaces • Resists a wide range of acids and alkalis • Produces no fumes • Can be mixed with sand to produce a mortar • Bonds well with concrete, masonry, bricks, cork, glass, polystyrene insulation etc • Can be applied to green concrete • Fast curing. Recommended for external use only. Not suitable where negative water pressure is present.

Complies with NZ building code E2/AS1 and has being successfully sold in NZ for over 25 years.

Coverage: One litre will cover up to 2m² per coat depending on the texture of the surface being treated.
Packaging: 1 litre, 2 Litre, 4 Litre & 20 Litre plastic pails.

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