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Cemix Drimix has a philosophy of growth through innovation and continuous improvement.

With the Cemix Drimix state-of-the-art dry bagging plant now fully operational and a positive response to the initial Cemix Drimix products, the focus of the organisation is now on innovation. This includes developing new products and enhancing existing ones, with a view to deliver an experience to customers that is beyond expectation.

The company has developed plaster products not previously available in New Zealand, or which were restrictively expensive due to import costs. These innovations mark the first time pre-mixed solid wall plasters 12mm and above have been produced and available in New Zealand on a large scale.
Cemix has established technical relationships with leading European and American companies involved in the drymix industry so they can be the first to adopt the latest international innovations and developments.

New products from Cemix Drimix include CEMSPLASH, and CEMPLASTER, designed for applications on solid wall plaster with a thickness 12mm or greater. With a substantial number of new houses in New Zealand being built from permanent concrete materials, and a noticeable increase in the construction of high-rise buildings, Cemix Drimix identified the need to develop a system for solid wall plastering that can be applied with a minimum thickness of 12mm. The solution developed is a two-product system.

The first product is a splash-coat (key coat), appropriately named CEMSPLASH, which offers high strength, rapid hardening key coat and was purposely developed for application on painted as well as unpainted concrete surfaces. CEMSPLASH forms an ideal foundation for any wall finishes. This product eliminates the costly and labour intensive preparation techniques that have previously been required for plastering painted surfaces. Forty eight hours following the application, the substrate is ready for plastering with CEMPLASTER .
This product is a carefully formulated mixture of specially graded sands, cements and admixtures that improves workability. CEMPLASTER reduces sag, increases coverage and resists cracking and shrinkage.

There are important advantages of the premixed CEMSPLASH/CEMPLASTER systems. Firstly, working with premixed formulas enables plasterers and worksite labourers to concentrate on application rather than wasting time mixing sand and cement on-site.

Premixing also minimises environmental pollution because raw products, including sand, are not blown around building sites and don’t settle in inappropriate places such as storm water drains.

Precision of mixing is also ensured with the Cemix CEM range. As Cemix Drimix general manager Bhav Dhillon explains: “There has been very little control over what happens on New Zealand building sites. Concrete blocks are made to fairly rigid specifications, yet builders mix sand and cement on site for mortar and plaster, thus exhibiting very little precision.” In most developed countries, legislation prohibits site mixing because inaccuracy has led to devastating consequences. To prevent these possible threats, and the harmful impact it has to our environment, our city councils are likely to discuss similar legislation once the entire range of premixed products become readily available in New Zealand.

Cemix Drimix has also introduced a range of floor screed products. CEMSCREED-40 is the first locally developed and bagged, high strength, shrinkage compensated floor screed mortar. The product is designed for internal and external applications between 10-40mm including pavement and floor repairs, overlays, shower bases and other standard flooring applications.

Cemix has also extended this product range to include CEMLEVEL-40UF, a self-leveling flooring compound, that incorporates antimicrobials to prevent the growth of bugs, harmful bacteria and mould. This is an increasingly important issue for rest homes, hospitals and other environments where human waste or bio-hazardous spills regularly occur. It is common for carpets to be cleaned, but without antimicrobials in the concrete floor, bacteria and toxic growths can still flourish in floor substrates, hidden under the carpet.

It has been suggested that New Zealand is 25 years behind Europe with drymix products. But innovations such as the new Cemix Drimix CEM range are quickly reducing this gap.

All Cemix Drimix products are available nationally through leading ITM stores, the Stevenson’s outlets and other progressive hardware retailers. If you would like further information on the Cemix Drimix CEM range, or would like to be one of the first to experience and evaluate these products, free samples are currently available by contacting Cemix Drimix tel 0800 ASK CEMIX (275 236) or email drimix@cemix.co.nz.

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