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Anti-microbial issues a thing of the past with CEMIX DRIMIX

Cemix Drimix has a clear philosophy of growth through innovation and continuous improvement. 
With the Cemix Drimix state-of-the-art dry bagging plant now fully operational and a positive response to the initial Cemix Drimix products, the focus of the organisation is now on innovation. This innovation includes developing new products, enhancing existing products to deliver beyond expectation and delivering the best possible experience to customers. 
These innovations are a direct result of the technical relationships Cemix has with leading European and American companies, involved in the drymix industry, so they can be the first to adopt the latest international developments.

CEMSCREED-40 is the first bagged, high strength, shrinkage compensated floor screed mortar. CEMSCREED-40 is designed for internal and external applications between 10-40mm including pavement and floor repairs, overlays, shower bases and other standard flooring applications.
Cemix have also extended this product range to include CEMSCREED-40UF a floor with guaranteed results incorporating the internationally approved Ultra-Fresh® Antimicrobial Additive, effectively controlling bacterial and fungal growth in between cleaning cycles.

Biological Control is becoming an increasingly important issue for rest homes, hospitals and other environments where human waste or bio-hazardous spills regularly occur. It is common for carpets to be cleaned but without antimicrobials in concrete floors, bacteria and toxic growths can still flourish in floor substrates.

With the addition of  the Ultra-Fresh® Antimicrobial Additive, CEMSCREED - 40 is able to be used effectively in clean room and critical hygiene areas under traditional floor coverings such as epoxy & polyurethane coatings, vinyl and carpet in hospitals, aged care facilities, operating theatres and other areas where it is critical that no bacterial life is sustained or supported.

CEMSCREED with Ultra-Fresh® effectively controls bacteria such as Listeria, Staphylococcus, MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella as well as fungi, moulds and mildew.  With this additive incorporated in the screed structure, microbial counts are nil in between cleaning cycles when used with a normal cleaning regime. All surfaces treated with the Ultra-Fresh® antimicrobial will remain non-toxic for human beings or pets.
Ultra-Fresh®  is commonly used in medical facilities, surgical gowns, beds, carpets, carpet underlays and consumer products such as toothpaste to name a few.

CEMSCREED with Ultra-Fresh® is also independently tested and conforms to all the test requirements of Thomson Research Laboratories with respect to Anti-microbial Activity.

This antimicrobial additive can also be incorporated into any other cement based product where these properties are needed. An example would be wall plaster on the south side of the building, where mould and mildew are common. Coloured concrete areas and tile grout also can retain their original colour as the antimicrobial will inhibit the growth of mould and mildew.

Your chance to test these new products

Laboratory testing, to ensure stringent quality control, have been successfully completed and these new innovative products have been distributed as samples to end users in the building industry and have received real time positive feedback. Cemix Drimix would also like to extend this invitation to all the readers of New Zealand Hardware Journal. If you would like further information on the Cemix Drimix CEM range, or you would like to be one of the first to experience and evaluate these products, free samples are currently available by contacting 0800 ASK CEMIX (275 236) or emailing drimix@cemix.co.nz. The entire range of CEMIX products is now available nationally through leading ITM stores, the Stevensons Yards, Pinepac Group, Trowel Trades and other progressive hardware retailers.

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