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Cemix has developed a reputation of trust, supplying trades people with admixtures and concrete products throughout New Zealand. The current introduction of Cemix Drimix is a natural extension of this relationship.

The company has recently finalised exclusive supplier status with the Stevenson Group, and also with the Northern Supply Group. Negotiations are also well underway with several other large distributors in this market.

Last month, the transition process began and Cemix Drimix was distributed to all Stevenson yards. Storing the product on an exclusive basis, Drimix’s arrival is evidenced by all Stevenson employees sporting the blue Cemix Drimix t-shirts. Stevenson is a New Zealand-owned family company that has been trading since 1917. The company is known for not compromising its integrity with customers or suppliers.

This fits well with Cemix’s ideals. Bhav Dhillon, general manager at Cemix, tells NZHJ:

“At Cemix Drimix we are committed to lifting the benchmark of dry mix products in New Zealand so that they rival the best in the world. The New Zealand dry mix market has fallen behind over many years because the manufacturers haven’t been pushed to produce quality products which compete with the best products developed in Europe. That’s not how we do things at Cemix.”

Mr Dhillon’s background includes 10 years international experience in the dry mix industry. His involvement with Cemix began when he was positioned to set up its high technology manufacturing plant, which might have been a big ask for others, but Mr Dhillon has experience of successfully completing similar missions across the world. He believes the dry mix market is about product technology, quality and range.

Cemix has now completed building a fully automated, state-of-the-art dry bagging plant in Onehunga which is said to produce a technically superior product to that currently available in New Zealand. This is evidenced by the company’s commitment to research and development. Cemix has technology tie-ups with leading European and American corporations and through these connections; aims to bring New Zealand up-to-date with the new technology that has led to the evolution of the dry mix industry overseas.

The company is anticipating significant growth through production of superior products, with quality control assured by its laboratory, which is said to be the best in the country. Due to the advanced nature of this facility, the company is also able to produce one-off products as/when requested by trade customers.
Newly launched products include High Strength Concrete 35 and Sterilised Play Sand, which has already proved very popular with schools and day-care institutions. Many other Cemix products will be released throughout the year, including Trade Plaster, Waterproof Mortar and Concrete Resurfacer. These products are available as a direct result of the company’s adoption of the latest developments from manufacturers overseas.

The recent product launch goes hand in hand with staff training, which is said to be second to none. According to Gary Richardson, channel leader, and Jeff Hawkins, logistics and procurement leader at Stevenson: “This is the best training our staff had had for years.” It says a lot about Cemix’s commitment to its customers. Taking the form of mud pie demonstrations, the training involves adding small quantities of admixtures to small amounts of concrete, to demonstrate how admixtures work. This is just one of the many ways the company educates its retailers and end users about the benefits of adding performance enhancing admixtures in dry mix products. Cemix technical specialists are also on hand for any queries, contactable on the 0800 ASK CEMIX helpline.

On top of the many training and support initiatives offered by the company, Cemix Drimix is embarking on a nationwide marketing campaign which will include in-store merchandising programmes and demonstrations, consumer advertising, as well as informative leaflets and point of sale material for end-users.
With products available in Wellington, Auckland, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin, Cemix Drimix is committed to cementing its position as the market leader of dry bagged concrete products in New Zealand.

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