Architectural Sealer Introduced for Masonry & Concrete Surfaces

June 10 : Cemix research had successfully developed a system for making Masonry and Concrete surfaces waterproof and still keep the structure reasonably breathable. This system can be specified by the architects and needs to be applied by specialist applicators for large commercial/residential jobs. CEMIX technical services will be ahppy to assist you in finding a specialist contractor in your area.

This is a two part system which includes an initial coat ( primer) of an impregnating sealer  called CEMPROTECTand final coats of a film forming sealer. The impregnating sealer is a "nano technology" product incorporating the ltest proprietary chemicals from Europe. This system has been extensivle testing in our lab to ensure that it is withstands hurricane force wind driven rain. The picture shows the tests being done on a masonry substrate with a 200mm head of water.

ARCHITECTURAL SEALER is thus a clear film forming multisurface top coat sealer for architectural masonry, architectural concrete & stone substrates. Architectural masonry is notorious for surface porosity & permeability. In combination with Cemix CEMPROTECT as a primer, ARCHITECTURAL SEALER serves to weatherproof & protect these difficult substrates. It is also used to seal architectural concrete surfaces. It is water based making it more environmentally friendly & less toxic. It provides a durable protective clear film on the surface whilst still remaining semi breathable. It is available in either a clear matt low sheen or a clear sheen finish.

Typical Applications:

  • To weatherproof & protect architectural masonry walls
  • To weatherproof & protect architectural concrete walls
  • To protect & seal architectural concrete floors
  • To protect, seal & dustproof stone


  • Clear architectural finish
  • Matt low sheen or sheen finish options
  • Weatherproof & waterproof
  • Multi-surface sealer
  • Waterbased
  • Durable
  • UV resistant
  • Semi breathable
  • One component
  • Can be sprayed & back rolled for large projects

Finish Options

Architectural Sealer is available in two options:

  • Clear matt low sheen finish
  • Clear sheen finish


Approximately 3.5m2 per L for 3 coats, depending on surface texture & porosity.
Masonry: 3 coats minimum
Concrete Walls: 2 to 3 coats
Concrete Floors: 2 coats

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